Expanding the market for Program of One commune one product

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Typical product of Ganh Do fish sauce trade village (Song Cau Town). Photo: LE TRAM
One commune one product (OCOP) is a program of economic development in rural areas along the direction of promoting internal resources and increasing product value. In 9 districts, towns and city in the province, there are potential products and services with their own strengths. However, there are many types of typical products, hand-made products having packages and labels but not yet built a brand on the market.  
Typical products  
Through a survey of the Department of Rural Development (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development), Phu Yen has a variety of specific products, with strength of development such as An Nghiep high-quality rice (Tuy An district), Hoa Qung Bac fragrant rice (Phu Hoa district) and products of pepper, coffee, fish sauce ... In Ngoc Lanh field, Dong Lanh village, Hoa Quang Bac commune (Phu Hoa district), summer-autumn crop 2019 , Provincial Agricultural Encouragement Center organized workshop to visit the model of quality rice production with a scale of 24ha, 123 farmer households participated. The model rice is the original grade HT1variety, sowing 5kg / pole. As a result, the model field productivity reached 68.3 quintals / ha; rice variety DV108 in the field outside production of 68.8 quintals / ha. However, HT1 model rice price is 6,500 VND / kg, while the non-model rice price is only 5,500 VND / kg, so the profit from the model rice is higher than 6.4 million VND.  
According to Mr. Nguyen Ny, Chairman of People's Committee of Hoa Quang Bac commune, Phu Hoa district is supporting Hoa Quang Bac Agricultural Services Cooperative to build the brand of Hoa Quang Bac fragrant rice to develop the economy of rural areas towards internal force development and value improvement; This is the solution and task in the implementation of the National Target Program on New Rural Construction.
Not only rice, other localities in the province also have typical products. With a coastline of nearly 190km, Phu Yen is a famous locality in the South Central region with abundant anchovy source - raw material to make a delicious typical fish sauce product. Formed for hundreds of years the village of Ganh Do fish sauce (Song Cau Town) now has more than 70 households specializing in making fish sauce with famous names such as Ong Gia fish sauce, Ba Muoi, Van Tin, Tan Lap ... Each year the village of Ganh Do fish sauce brought to the market not less than 2 million liters of fish sauce.
In addition to the well-known fish sauce villages, Phu Yen also has many emerging fish sauce craft villages such as My Quang fish sauce craft village (An Chan commune, Tuy An district); Long Thuy (An Phu commune, Tuy Hoa city).  
Necessary to choose the right key products  
In 2019, Phu Yen participated in the forum of global OCOP connecting network and OCOP international fair in Ho Chi Minh City with 2 booths: Hoa Phong silkworm wine (Tay Hoa district) and Ha Trung one sunny beef (Son Hoa district) Draw); displaying products at the Conference of Summarizing 10 years of implementation of the Program on building new rural areas in the South Central Coast and Central Highlands in Quang Nam province ... The remaining products in 9 districts, towns and city are potential products and services; however, initially there are still many difficulties in the implementation process. In order to improve OCOP products effectively, localities need to choose the right key products with advantages in production costs and market.    
MSc Nguyen Duc Thang, Director of the Rural Development Branch, said: Although Phu Yen has many typical and strong products, most of the products are manufactured manually and products with packaging and labels but not building brand on the market. So far, Phu Yen hasn’t product recognized as an OCOP product of the province. Meanwhile, Phu Yen currently has nearly 40 product subjects participating in this program. The Rural Development Branch has urged localities to develop the program implementation plan, striving to have at least 5 products recognized as OCOP products of the province by the end of 2020. The process of recognizing OCOP products of the province is: After the submission of applicant, the district organizes the evaluation and ranking of OCOP products and transfers the proposal to the province for evaluation and classification according to the regulation of Decision 1048 / QD-TTg dated August 21, 2019 of the Prime Minister. After the recognization of product, the functional industry will bring the product to participate in the global OCOP connecting network forum for expanding the market.  
Program of one commune one product participates in solving a number of rural problems, such as contributing to promoting restructuring in agriculture as well as promoting the application and transfer of technology in production, through programs of agricultural extension, industrial promotion ... to create products with high productivity and good quality. At the same time, developing the Program will also help create jobs in the countryside, increase income, reduce poverty and create conditions for young rural workers to have conditions to start a business.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Van On, advisor to the National OCOP Program
Author : Translated by Tran Dinh Dung | Source : Phuyenonline-MẠNH LÊ TRÂM
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