Phu Yen towards the global geological park

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Performing Lithophone in Phu Yen. Photo: THANH HUNG
With characteristics and values ​​of geological and cultural heritages, both tangible and intangible and biodiversity, Phu Yen has great potentials and prospects for forming the National Geological Park for the future to be recognized by UNESCO as Global Geopark.
Phu Yen Provincial People's Committee has just organized a working group consisting of representatives of the leaders of the Provincial People's Committee Office, the Departments of Information and Communications, the Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Natural resources and Environtment to study and share experiences with the Dak Nong province Management Board of Global Geopark on taking the unique advantages of the heritage site to build the image and brand of Phu Yen in socio-economic development with the model of Phu Yen Global Geopark which is promising a brighter close-up for this land. 
According to Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Tan Van (Institute of Mineral Geology, Ministry of Science and Technology), who has participated in four geological surveys in Phu Yen since 2016, the title of National and Global Geopark, a model of flexible social and economic development, both conservation and development, with a focus on geological tourism and associated activities and services, will be more feasible and suitable for Phu Yen province; because, it is the direction of socio-economic development in a new and more sustainable model, especially on the basis of a number of national and international titles that many other localities have done and are quite successful such as Heritage world, World Biosphere Reserve Area... 
From 2016-2019, four mixed missions including the Vietnam National Commission for UNESCO and the Mineral Geology Institute, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Global Geopark Network, Dak Nong Geopark, with the participation of many scientists Studies, including Mr. Guy Martini, General Secretary of the Global Geopark Network, Chairman of UNESCO Global Geopark Council, all admit that Phu Yen has the advantage of being a Geopark.
The missions have already surveyed 28 locations. In addition to Phu Yen landscapes, the delegation also surveyed a number of locations such as Dong Cam dam, Phu Sen mineral water, Thanh Ho archaeological site, Nhan tower, Hoa Loi fish mausoleum, Tu Quang pagoda, An Tho citadel, Màng Lăng church, Quảng Đức pottery village, An Xuân diatomite mine ... with findings of great scientific and educational value ... 
Promoting the procedures for the construction of the National Geopark, proposing to UNESCO for recognition of the Global Geopark also contributes to raising the responsibility of the community, limiting the negative impacts on minerals, ecosystems and coastal environment... 
Phu Yen is a land that has been inhabited for a long time by the prehistoric people, at least from Hoa Binh culture, 16,000 years ago (before present), which is the intersection between the cultures of Sa Huynh, Champa, and especially since more than 400 years ago, with Vietnam culture. These features are shown quite richly and clearly through artifacts at Phu Yen Museum and other national and provincial monuments and landmarks such as Da Trang pagoda, Nhan tower, Dai Lanh lighthouse, Vung Ro bay, Da Dia reef, Ganh Ong, Ganh Ba, Xep beach... Especially impressive to scientists is that Phu Yen ancestor knew how to use stone and soil as tools for labor and construction process of making musical instruments (Tuy An Lithophone, Stone horn...). 
Vuc Song Waterfall in An Linh Commune, Tuy An District. Photo: THANH HUNG
 Phu Yen's modern history also has special highlights with the An Tho citadel relic - the birthplace of General Secretary Tran Phu, Mang Lang church with the marks of Alexandre de Rhodes and the teacher Andre Phu Yen, those who have great merit with the Vietnamese national language, or the irrigation work of Dong Cam dam ... Other intangible cultural heritages in Phu Yen are also quite rich and unique like art of “Bài chòi – Singing in the hut” (Phu Yen is one of the 11 provinces of the Central region having this art, having been recognized by UNESCO as the representative intangible cultural heritage of humanity), the “Ba Trao chanty” of coastal residents, ancient pottery occupation in Quang Duc, making basket boat, making salt ... 
Geologically, the deep fault of the Ba River is a feature of Phu Yen geology, which has been very active, causing major metamorphic events, at least in the period of about 250 million years before. There are many indications that the Ba River, which once flowed through Dong Xuan district to the Xuan Dai bay, has now diverted its current location. The place where the river was relocated, were formed lakes so that sediments formed diatomites and extremely rich basaltic volcanic products of which Da Dia Reef was representative. 
In terms of geomorphology, the Phu Yen coastline is a fairly typical representative of the South Central Coast range, especially in the region of 3 provinces of Binh Dinh, Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa, where witnessing the strong interaction between the continent and the East Sea after the forming of the sea. The process of separating the East Sea as well as the subsequent faulty activity pulled a part of the edge from the continent to become rocky islands when the sea entered. 
But more specifically, the coastal currents transported sediment into the middle of the mainland and the islands, gradually forming sand bars linking the islands, famous in the world under the name of "tombolo terrain". Behind these sand bars formed bays or lagoons, such as Xuan Dai bay, O Loan lagoon ... The process of forming bars linking the islands is still ongoing, to connect islands like Nhat Tu Son islet or fill the mouth of Da Rang river ... 
Phu Yen coastal biodiversity is even more unique with coastal sandy ecosystems, lagoons, bays and coral reefs around the islands, rich in marine species which waiting for more detail researchs. 
With such characteristics and values ​​of geological and cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible and such biodiversity, Phu Yen province has the potential and prospect of forming the National Geopark in the future and looking forward to the title of Global Geopark recognized by UNESCO.
Phu Yen leaders assigned functional agencies to complete legal documents, financial plans, project content, and perform the next steps. If eligible, it is expected that by July 2021, the dossier will be submitted to UNESCO for recognition of Phu Yen Global Geopark.                                                   
Author : Translated by Tran Dinh Dung | Source : TRẦN THANH HƯNG Director of Department of Information – Communications
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