Actively changing crops, farmers have good incomes

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Model of conversion from inefficient rice land to peanut planting in Hoa Xuan Tay Ward, Dong Hoa Town. Photo: CTV
Over the past time, Dong Hoa town Farmers' Union has implemented a number of new crop conversion models, helping people improve production efficiency and increase income.
Many ways to do  
According to Dong Hoa Town Farmers' Union, previously local people mainly cultivated rice, however, its price was uncertain, prices of agricultural materials were always volatile so the life of rice farmers was not high. Therefore, the Farmers' Union has mobilized and guided its members and farmers to boldly convert the inefficient rice land to other annual crops such as lotus, watermelon, peanuts, vegetables ... Conversion crops are much more economical than rice cultivation.  
In Hoa Xuan Tay Ward, previously rice was monoculture, lotus plants were only grown in small clusters in ponds, lakes, and low-lying areas, now many households in the commune have planted lotus plants on rice land with a total area of ​​more than 73ha (of which conversion from 60ha inefficient rice land). Mr. Luu Van Son in the Nam Binh 1 quarter, is one of the typical households growing lotus. In 2015, he bravely invested in lotus cultivation on an area of ​​1.5ha of inefficient rice land. “Growing lotus produces 2 to 3 times higher profit than rice cultivation, no need to worry about output for the product. On average, my family harvests about 500kg of lotus seed-pods every day and traders come to the place to buy”, Mr. Son excitedly said.
In addition to converting to lotus cultivation, farmers in other wards and communes have also switched to planting other crops on inefficient rice land, yielding higher yield and profit than rice cultivation, such as an intensive model of peanut plants yield 52 quintals / ha, profit from 20 to 30 million / ha after 4 months of planting; model of watermelon planting in communes of Hoa Thanh, Hoa Xuan Dong, profit of 20 million VND / ha, 2 to 3 times higher than that of rice cultivation; or a model of growing ginseng, with 10,000 ginseng roots, each month collecting more than 1 quintal of leaves, earning about 7 million VND ...  
Encourage the development of large fields    
The conversion of crop structure contributes to the diversification of agricultural products, bringing high economic efficiency and raising incomes for people. The Farmers' Union is directing farmers to develop conversion crop varieties on inefficient rice land that meet the market's consumption needs, and at the same time strengthening linkages with purchasing units to cover products stably in the coming years. “For sustainable production, the Farmers' Union will continue to restructure crops under the Restructuring Agriculture project, adapting to climate change; in which encouraging the development of large fields and producing towards association to improve the value chain, applying scientific and technical advances, and mechanization in production and cultivation. Promoting the achieved results, in the coming time, the Farmers' Union will focus on promoting the economic development movement to help members eradicate hunger, reduce poverty and get rich properly, contributing to the development of the local economy and new rural construction”, said Mr. Tran Duy Ngoc. 

Author : Translated by Tran Dinh Dung | Source : Phuyenonline- Theo NGỌC HÂN
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