Song Hinh district: Multiplying effective agricultural models

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Model of seedless jackfruit planting in Ea Ly commune (Song Hinh district). Photo: VAN THUY
In recent years, Song Hinh district has constantly developed agriculture and forestry; many models have brought about high efficiency, contributing to local socio-economic development and stabilizing people's lives. At present, the district focuses on converting a number of plants and animals accordingly, encouraging investment in science and technology in production and multiplying effective economic development models. 
Expand the area of ​​wet rice  
According to Le Van Tan, Chairman of the People's Committee of Ea Trol commune, Duc Mui village is a resettlement village of people affected by Song Hinh hydroelectricity. There are about 200 households in the whole village, mainly ethnic Ede people, having rice fields with stable water sources is the desire of the people here. Responding to that expectation, the People's Committee of Song Hinh district has invested in building canals and pipes to get water from Buon Duc Irrigation Lake, and at the same time, leveling and embanking to divide fields for people. Thanks to that, nearly 55 households in this village have land to produce wet rice, solving rice shortage, so people are very excited. 
Mr. Nguyen Khac Su, Head of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Song Hinh district, said: “Until now, many localities in Song Hinh district have invested in developing wet rice plants with high efficiency. The total area of ​​wet rice in the district is about 1,750 ha, increasing hundreds of hectares each year. In order to develop wet rice and other crops, the district has invested in many irrigation works and pumping stations which have been brought into use effectively as Hoc village pumping station (Ea Lam commune), Ma Voi village pumping station (Duc Binh Tay commune), the system of Suoi Bieu irrigation canal (Son Giang commune), expanding irrigation canals in Duc Mui village field (Ea Trol commune). Up to now, the district has invested in constructing and promoted effectively 22 irrigation works with about 125 km of canals, irrigating thousands of hectares of agricultural land; the district is preparing to invest in the construction of a central pumping station for irrigating the number of agricultural land areas in Hai Rieng townlet and neighboring localities. In addition, the district's agricultural experts have directly come to the field, handing the work from the beginning to the end, helping people to cultivate the right techniques, therefore the rice productivity is high, thereby helping hundreds of difficult households previously to stabilize there lives”. 
Invest in high quality crops  
According to Mr. Nguyen Khac Su, Song Hinh district now develops many models of planting fruit trees with high quality, bringing high efficiency. The implementation of these models has contributed to promoting the development of high-value crops, up to now the fruit tree area of ​​Song Hinh has increased to more than 1,150 hectares. Not only Mr. Vo Minh Tuan's household succeeded in king orange, but many other households also succeeded with the model of growing fruit trees, earning hundreds of millions VND each year such as Mr. Hua Van Nhay, Ta Quoc Linh and Cao. Nguyen Lam (Ea Bar commune), Nguyen Van Ut (Ea Ly commune) ... 
Mr. Dinh Ngoc Dan, Vice Chairman of Song Hinh District People's Committee, said: “From 2017 till now, each year the district has supported about 1 billion VND for households to implement the pilot model of fruit trees such as durian, mango, guava, boot avocado, green skin grapefruit, Thai jackfruit, jackfruit seedless, Siamese coconut ... with a total area of ​​about 60ha, deployed in 10 communes and townlet with the participation of nearly 110 households. The goal of the model is to help people bravely invest, apply high technology to production, create clean products, high quality productivity, and limit the dependence on the weather and from that expanding to the community. Song Hinh District is also focusing on converting a number of plants and animals suitable to the local climate and soil conditions, investing in seed sources, putting machinery and science and technology into production, creating large fields ... for stable development. 

Author : Translated by Tran Dinh Dung | Source : Phuyenonline-VĂN THÙY - NGỌC NHƯ
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