Clearly visible efficiency from expanded operation scale of cooperatives

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Forestry cooperatives operating throughout the province will help the member households to have a stable income from the forest. Photo: MINH DUYEN Forestry cooperatives operating throughout the province will help the member households to have a stable income from the forest. Photo: MINH DUYEN
From the village level to the commune and provincial levels and from a single economic unit, cooperatives have expanded their linkages in production and business, attracting businesses to become their members. This marks the maturity of this economic sector, taking collective interests as the operational goal.
To expand the scope of activities 
Mr. Nguyen Sieng, Head of Division of Agriculture and Rural Development of Phu Hoa district, said: “In 2016, Hoa Dinh Tay Cooperative 1 and 2 merged into Hoa Dinh Tay Agricultural Service and Trading Cooperative, a collective economic unit operating at the commune level. The cooperative was strengthened of capital, force and scope of operation, so it was selected by Phu Hoa District People's Committee as a new local cooperative. The capacity of the cooperative is confirmed through the diverse ability of services from plowing, rice plucking to environmental sanitation, silvicultural services, straw rolls, etc., from services only for agricultural production which take income for compensation formerly, now there has opened many more business services, both creating profits for cooperatives and actively supporting the economy of member households. At present, the cooperative has also built a value chain of planted forests from nursery of seedlings to equipment for transportation, logging and output consumption. The co-operation with Phu Yen High-tech Forestry Cooperative not only ensures farmers' output but also helps to improve planting techniques, forest tending and managing forest fires”.
South An Nghiep Cooperative and North An Nghiep cooperative (Tuy An district) were also merged into An Nghiep Agricultural Cooperative, from which successfully built a high-quality rice brand and become a representative unit for product of typical trade village of An Nghiep commune. According to An Nghiep People's Committee, the maturity of the cooperative has helped improve the traditional products of the commune. People take rice as a key crop to generate main income for the household economy. For many years, people had only retail rice seeds, so their income were not high; Now, the cooperative help farmers to improve their rice seed production techniques, put machinery into processing of rice products for the market, people's lives have increased, the new rural face in the commune has also changed day by day. 
Phu Yen High-tech Forestry Cooperative with operation of provincial scale has become a bridge for its members. Mr. Pham Dinh Phung, Vice Chairman of Son Hoa District People's Committee, said: “The afforestation households in Son Hoa district and other localities have been producing under small household model so the economic value was low. Many households had to sell young timber to finance their living. The potential from the forest has not been effectively exploited. There are cooperatives coming foward to gather households to highly produce together according to the certificate, facilitating capital, technology and output assurance, marking the active support of the collective economy, the core of which is the cooperatives restructuring the forestry sector in the locality in particular and the province in general.
The support of household economy 
Five years ago, when referring to the establishment of enterprises under cooperatives according to the Law on Cooperatives 2012, many cooperatives were not confident enough. But now, with the potential of capital and qualifications, this becomes the demand of cooperatives. Mr. Nguyen Van Chin, Director of Hoa Thang 2 Agricultural Services Cooperative (Phu Hoa district), shared: “The unit wants to establish a petroleum business enterprise under Hoa Thang 2 Cooperative to facilitate the expansion of trade, more access to markets. Previously, the cooperative was afraid because compared to businesses, the business capacity of the cooperative was limited. Now, the cooperative is confident in capital, human qualifications, not inferior to any business. Above all, with the mechanism, if we don’t take advantage of this opportunity to expand operations, seek more opportunities, it will gradually lose market share in the market. 
Phu Yen High-tech Forestry Cooperative has attracted Bao Chau Phu Yen Co., Ltd. to become its member that has marked the maturity of the quality of cooperatives, contributing to changing the way of looking of people. According to Mrs. Nguyen Thi Be, a member of Xuan Lanh Production and Service Cooperative (Dong Xuan District), planting of production forest is one of the main sources of income for her family. Previously from planting, exploiting to consuming, she had to do it herself, the cooperative could not afford to help because of limited operational efficiency. Now a provincial cooperative that attracts consuming business will create opportunities for members of cooperatives with forests like her to increase their income. From here, she believes in the collective economic model.
This is the result of the process of consolidating the operation of cooperatives, marking the maturity of both quality and quantity of collective economic units. This also shows that cooperatives are on the right track when attaching themselves to major programs such as restructuring the agriculture sector, building agro-forestry and fishery value chains ... Moreover; the cooperatives are mixing suitably with the provisions of the Law on Cooperatives 2012 to integrate the market, creating high economic benefits for the community.
Mr. Le Thanh Lam, Chairman of Provincial Union of Cooperatives
Author : Translated by Tran Dinh Dung | Source : Phuyenonline-MINH DUYÊN
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