Tuy An district: Continuing to amend and supplement the booklet "Monogaphy of Tuy An District"

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The Steering Committee for the compilation of " Monography of Tuy An district" has just held comments for officials of the former Secretary of the District Party Committee and the former Chairman of Tuy An District People's Committee through the periods to revise and finalize the booklet " Monography of Tuy An district".
After more than a year of collecting, compiling, and drafting the booklet " Monography of Tuy An district", focusing on introducing the natural conditions, human, history, economy and culture of Tuy An district in the process of shaping and development. The manuscript of this booklet was compiled in 18 chapters, with 7 sections on natural geography, administrative geography, population, medieval – modern history, economy before and after the renovation, politics, society, tangible culture, intangible culture, historical - cultural figures and summary of communes and townlets in Tuy An district.
At the seminar on the manuscript of "Monography of Tuy An district" booklet, which was organized nearly 2 months ago by the Steering Committee for the compilation of "Monography of Tuy An district", the delegates, who were the former leaders of Tuy An district through the periods, have contributed a number of comments that need to supplement the manuscript, such as adding historical materials in the political system, highlights of Tuy An district and adjusting some timelines and locations accordingly, adding information, data on the fields of agriculture, commerce and services, post and telecommunications ...
Acquiring the opinions of the delegates, the Steering Committee for the compilation of "Monography of Tuy An district" has revised and supplemented the booklet "Monography of Tuy An district". However, at this seminar, the delegates expected the Editorial Board  continue editing and supplementing to ensure the booklet "Monography of Tuy An district" to be a valuable source of materials for propaganda, traditional education, arousing the pride of successive generations in Tuy An district...
Author : Translated by Tran Dinh Dung | Source : Phuyenonline-KHAC NHO
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