Phu Yen General Hospital: Organizing a Competition of skilled nurses - technicians

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On December 16, Phu Yen General Hospital opened the Nurse - Technician Competition in 2019.


A nurse practicing electrocardiogram techniques at the Examination Faculty –

Phu Yen General Hospital. Photo: YEN LAN

 Participating in the contest, there were 143 candidates, including 123 nurses, 8 testing technicians, 6 physiotherapeutic technicians and 6 image diagnosis technicians. The contest takes place in 5 days, including 3 parts: the theory test has 100 multiple choice questions about expertise and infection control; circulars, regulations, branch history; Issues related to hospital development. In the practical part, candidates draw technique lots and competitions with the form of station running. In the behavioral test, candidates draw lots of questions related to behavioral communication in health facilities, career and social understanding, 12 medical ethics, how to handle situations occurring in the works, patients, patient family members, colleagues ...

 According to Doctor Speciality II Pham Hieu Vinh, Director of Phu Yen General Hospital, the contest aims to train professional skills and professional ethics for the new nursing team, creating a positive change in the performance of functions and tasks of nurses on caring for patients, improving morale and service attitude for patients ... 


Source: phuyenonline. YEN LAN
Author : Translated by Trần Đình Dũng |
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