Antibiotics substitute in animal husbandry

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Phytogen feed additives have been successfully applied in animal husbandry in many countries. In recent years, however, manufacturers seeking new ways to effectively support animal husbandry without the use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) which have spurred interest increasing in the use of phytogenics.



Phytogenics having originality from herbs, spices, and other plants and their extracts

Currently, many countries have great demand for antibiotic alternatives in livestock husbandry. Phytogenics have been tested for some years to test the effectiveness of livestock husbandry without antibiotics, in line with the role of an antibiotic substitute. Phytogen feed additives are plant-based, representing a group of natural substances used in animal nutrition.


These substances are derived from other herbs, spices, and plants and their extracts, such as essential oils. They include many different active groups, such as pungent substances, bitter substances, essential oils, saponins, flavonoids, mucilages and tannins. A range of active ingredients produce many effects, including flavor enhancement to help increase feed intake, and ultimately help to improve husbandry performance.


Phytogenics has an advantage over other antibiotic alternatives. That is, they work in many ways, instead of having only a single approach to improve animal performance. This product has anti-bacterial properties. They make the gut microbial population active and reduce the growth of clostridium, which in turn will allow for better gut health.


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