Phu Yen Electric Company: Investing in 10 projects on upgrading the electricity grids in 2020

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According to Phu Yen Electric Company, in 2020, this company will invest 10 projects on renovating the electricity grids with the scale of renovating 2.1km of 110kV grid; building and renovating 34 km of medium voltage electrical grids, 44 transformer stations with a total capacity of 5,470kVA; 63.8 km of low voltage grids and relocating 5,625 electric meters with an investment cost of nearly VND 75 billion.


Upgrading electricity grids in Tay Hoa district. Photo: NAM KHANH

Mr. Duong Van Su, Deputy Head of Project Management Board of Phu Yen Electric Company said: “In order for the above projects to be build as planned, the unit is selecting construction contractors through the form of construction open bidding to find contractors who are capable of construction, healthy financial resources, ensuring the quality of construction and construction schedule with the lowest cost.

 During the construction process, the unit will give priority to using available materials; actively restoring and repairing old equipment and materials for reuse; restricting the procurement of new materials by transferring equipments on the grid to reduce construction costs and improve capital efficiency. Phu Yen Electric Company strives to carry out the construction of projects in early 2020 and finish them in the second quarter of 2020 to promptly prevent the overload of the power grid in the dry season, meeting the electricity demand of the people and serving local socio-economic development.

 It is known that in 2019, Phu Yen Electric Company has completed and put into operation 17 electric grid projects with the scale of 42.2 km of medium voltage grids, 88 km of low voltage grids and 66 transformer stations with a total capacity of 15,525 kVA, contributing to reducing power losses, ensuring power supply to customers. 

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