Field of sand amaranth flowers attract guests to check-in

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On deserted fields in the mountainous areas when the crop season is up or the new crop season is not started, sand amaranth flowers grow in clusters of purple, making many people bewildered, surprised, excited and immersed in the natural grass and flowers.

 The photos posted on social networks made the community stir up, look to the purple flower field stretching in Hon Ong village, Son Phuoc commune, Son Hoa district. Mr. Tran Le Kha, a local, said that “the sand amaranth flowers (Cham people called “ditch vegetables”) grow naturally and do not need care. When the rain falls, the tree grows and in the November of the lunar calendar, the flowering lasts for a whole month.

 The beautiful images of fields of sand amaranth flowers in Hon Ong village attracting a lot of tourists.


Sand Amaranth flower field about 1 ha at the foot of Mount Hon Ong always has visitors coming to take pictures


The young people in the locality are also very interested in the dense field of sand amaranth flowers


A guy in the town bewildered by the natural beauty, wild but romantic of Sand Amaranth flowers


Flower fields create a romantic beauty in the mountains of Son Phuoc


Author : Translated by Trần Đình Dũng | Source : Phuyenonline- TRẦN QUỚI - CTV
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