Adjusting the general planning on construction of South Phu Yen economic zone

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Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has just signed a decision approving the adjustment of the general planning on construction of South Phu Yen Economic Zone (EZ) to 2040.


Accordingly, the planning scope covers an area of ​​about 20,730 ha, including the entire administrative boundaries of Phu Lam, Phu Thanh and Phu Dong wards (Tuy Hoa City); communes of Hoa Hiep Bac, Hoa Hiep Nam, Hoa Tam, Hoa Xuan Dong, Hoa Hiep Trung and Hoa Vinh townlets and a part of Hoa Xuan Tay, Hoa Xuan Nam, Hoa Tan Dong and Hoa Thanh communes (Dong Hoa district).

 The objective of building South Phu Yen EZ is suitable to the national marine development strategy and Vietnam's marine economic development strategy; building South Phu Yen EZ to become a dynamic economic region of Phu Yen province; having synchronous and modern technical and social infrastructure systems; landscape architecture space, advanced and civilized urban areas, sustainable environment and efficient use of land; serving as a legal basis to deploy subdivision planning, detailed planning of functional areas and construction investment projects of the EZ.

 The Prime Minister requested on the basis of reviewing and inheriting reasonable elements of the South Phu Yen EZ's general construction planning approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 1712 / QD-TTg dated October 23, 2009, the results of investment and investment attraction in recent years, to propose functional areas and technical and social infrastructure suitable for the EZ.

In which, it is necessary to evaluate and analyze the position and relationship with the key economic regions of the Central region, inter-provincial regions, and intra-provincial regions; conditions of topography, geomorphology, geology, hydrology, seismic, climate, specific weather phenomena; current socio-economic status, population, labor, current land use status, construction status, architectural status, landscape, ongoing programs and projects related to South Phu Yen EZ. ...

 Regarding the socio-economic infrastructure system, the organization of the central network includes the system of operating and managing center for all economic zone, tourist center, commercial, financial and public service center, sport center, park, greenery and open space, other specialized centers. Distributing Public Health, training and vocational training institutions of the Zone and the region. Determining the location and scale of markets, wholesale markets, trade and service center, tourist and industrial center, agricultural production and marine economic products support center...

 The Decision also states that priority should be given to the development of a convenient transport network between internal and external transport systems, organization of roads, railways, waterways, roads and the airline strong enough to meet the increasing transport demand of the EZ, especially with the Bai Goc - Vung Ro seaport area and Tuy Hoa Airport. Identifying the linkages in the national transport development strategy, the key economic region of Central Vietnam and Phu Yen province on roads, railways and airways, and solutions to connect to national highways 1, North-South expressway, National highway 29, Central Highlands highway, National coastal road and North-South railway ...

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