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Dong Hoa district officially became a town

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Administrative center of Dong Hoa district. Photo: Administrative center of Dong Hoa district. Photo:
The National Assembly Standing Committee has just issued Resolution No. 931 / NQ-UBTVQH14 on the establishment of Dong Hoa town and wards of Dong Hoa town, Phu Yen province. The resolution takes effect on June 1, 2020.
Accordingly, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly decided to establish Dong Hoa town on the basis of the entire 265.62 km2 of natural area and population size of 119,991 people of Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province.
After establishing Dong Hoa town and its affiliated wards, Dong Hoa town has 10 commune-level administrative units, including 5 wards: Hoa Hiep Bac, Hoa Hiep Nam, Hoa Hiep Trung, Hoa Vinh, Hoa Xuan Tay and 5 communes: Hòa Tâm, Hòa Tân Đông, Hòa Thành, Hòa Xuân Đông and Hòa Xuân Nam.
Thus, Phu Yen province has 1 city, 2 towns and 6 districts, 21 wards, 6 townlets and 83 communes. In particular, Dong Hoa town has 5 wards and 5 communes.
Dong Hoa district was established on the basis of splitting from Tuy Hoa district according to Decree No. 62 / ND-CP, dated June 15, 2005 of the Government. After many years of construction, striving and growing, Dong Hoa district has made remarkable changes, the economy has grown well, the material and spiritual life of the people has been raised, political security has been maintained, and social security has been guaranteed. The average economic growth rate of Dong Hoa district in recent 3 years is 11.37%; The proportion of industry, trade and services in the economic structure reached 77.7%; the percentage of poor household accounts for 4.06%; Per capita income reached 56 million / person / year.
Author : Translated by Tran Dinh Dung | Source :ỹ Luận
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