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Song Cau aims to become a city by 2025

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Song Cau urban is increasingly crowded, roads are spacious. Photo: NHU THANH Song Cau urban is increasingly crowded, roads are spacious. Photo: NHU THANH
After 10 years of construction and development, Song Cau Town has achieved many important achievements in socio-economic development and was recognized as a grade-III urban area of ​​Phu Yen in 2019. Currently this locality is concentrated in completing the criteria of urban development in the direction of urban area of coatal - tourism – green, clean and beautiful services; the northern economic and cultural center of the province and aims to become a city by 2025. 
One of the highlights of Song Cau urban infrastructure is the embankment system between residential areas, creating a poetic space as well as conditions for local socio-economic development.
Step by step complete urban infrastructure 
At present, Song Cau Town has strongly implemented the completion of 4 missing standards of grade-III urban area, including the average population density in the whole town, the average floor area of ​​houses, urban-level physical training and sport facilities, rate of urban wastewater being treated up to technical standards.
According to the People's Committee of Song Cau Town, over the past time, the locality has focused on mobilizing all resources for socio-economic development, gradually affirming its role as the northern center of the province. In parallel with the investment in developing infrastructure of residential areas, many urban constructions have been completed and put into use; typically the north intersection of the center of town, this is the intersection of national highway 1, bypass of national highway 1 and Pham Van Dong road. The work is implemented on an area of ​​1,700m2, including items such as construction of traffic circle, high-pressure light poles, lighting, drainage system, guardrail walls. The "three fish" symbol was built at the intersection location, creating an impressive highlight for the north area of the town
Besides, the town has also invested in building many green park; typically, the central town park with the water music system, the northern park in Xuan Yen ward ... Mr. Nguyen Van Thi, Chairman of Xuan Yen Ward People's Committee, said: “The northern park of the town has been built in the ward with an area of ​​1.8ha with a system of green trees, small landscape ... The work not only contributes to complete the urban infrastructure but also creates a space for entertainment and relaxation for people in region”. 
According to Mr. Vo Ngoc Thach, Head of Urban Management Section of Song Cau Town, most of the existing urban roads in the town have been fully invested with adequate sidewalk and drainage systems. Song Cau Town has also invested nearly 12 billion dong to install more than 10km of public lighting power lines on the roads. Along with that, the people have strongly responded to the movement of concreting rural roads and urban alleys, so many dirt roads have been concreted in the way of the State and people working together; contributing to promoting socio-economic development, radically changing the appearance of the urban area and creating an impression on the people as well as tourists.
Mr. Nguyen Van Nam in Xuan Hai Ward, Song Cau Town, said: “In recent years, the face of  urban Song Cau has changed markedly. The roads in the central area are expanded with more green trees. In Xuan Hai ward area, the embankment system and concrete roads surrounding the residential area were completed, many new houses built up spaciously. Restaurants and bars have been built and put into operation, attracting many tourists from all over the place”.
Develop a modern sea city
Song Cau Town orientes to the main landscape layout, taking Xuan Dai bay and Tam Giang river as the center, expanding urban space to the north and northwest; upgrading and expanding the main roads to meet the criteria of good roads to create focal points and link urban areas. Along the Cu Mong lagoon and the downstream of Tam Giang River lying in the middle of the town, the anti-erosion embankment system with the roads of two banks has been solidly built. Residential areas have been gradually formed, making this area become bustling together with the beautiful landscape.
Mr. Vo Ngoc Thach said: “The general orientation for urban development is to build Song Cau into a urban area of sea - tourism - services, green - clean - beautiful - friendly. The town focuses on investing in building a system of green trees along the roads, parks, residential areas, creating its own identity to give an impression in the hearts of visitors. A series of parks will be developed such as green parks in two north and south areas of the town (Xuan Binh commune and Xuan Dai ward), North and South parks of Tam Giang River ..., ensuring land criteria of urban greenery by 2025 of over 11.2m2 / person. The locality is also calling for investment in the construction of trade center, aquatic wholesale market, supermarkets ... Orientation to 2025, the town will have 5 new works on trade – services”.
Also according to Mr. Thach, in the process of urban construction, the locality has focused on propagating to raise people's awareness, building urban civilized lifestyle. In order for the town to maintain the standard of the proportion of urban civilized streets, Song Cau Town continues to implement the year of Urban Civilization Order; strengthens propaganda, advocacy of self-awareness, responsibility to comply with the law to all classes of people. The inspection and management of the urban order have been strengthened, the functional forces have been resolutely resolving violations in construction activities, encroaching on pavements and road beds; focuses on well building the bright - green - clean - beautiful and civilized roads, aiming to meet the criteria of a grade-II urban area in the period of 2020-2030 and soon becoming a city by 2025. 
Author : Translated by Tran Dinh Dung | Source : Phuyenonline-NHU THANH
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