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Situated in one place considered as the remote area of the central coast, Da Dia Reef in An Ninh Dong Commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province is a unique gift of nature for the peaceful seaside with clean weather and passionately beautiful scenery.



As a just awakened princess, Da Dia Reef still remains wild and charm character, attracting people by the plainness and mystery. The road from Tuy Hoa city to Da Dia Reef has concreted flatly; however, there is not too many people and buses on the road as many other tourist sites and scenic spots.



The wideness and plainness of Da Dia Reef creates a feeling of closeness to attract visitors for the first sight. Along the entrance are the local vendors with rustic serving. These are the small shacks preparing some gifts from the sea or local specialties in the front, inside are the chairs or hammocks hanging ready for visitors to rest and enjoy the taste of the sea or fresh coconut juices



From on high looking down, Da Dia Reef is as a beehive hiding behind the green groves alternated with rock, in the distance are the fleet anchored on the peaceful blue sea waves.



We can say that, the nature has given to Phu Yen, a central province, a so great coastal landscape.



According to some scientists, Da Dia Reef was formed when volcano erupting. Lava became solid when meeting the water, however, under the impact of waves, lava was cracked but the strange thing is that they piled up to create amazing shapes like a pile of stone plates ready for a feast on earth



The graceful coracles lay on the ground creating a romantic charm, an impressive spot of the reef. This is also a nice corner where many tourists stay to get the romantic pictures to show to their friends and relatives



With the great beauty scenery as the painting, in 1997, Da Dia Reef has been recognized as a national scenic vestige. After nearly 20 years, Da Dia Reef has remained its unspoiled beauty, mystery and charm



Many tourists having visited Da Dia Reef said that, this beautiful scenery had impressed people every time. However, early morning or sunset at Da Dia Reef is something that you should not ignore if you have the opportunity to set foot there


 And of course, do not forget to take a dip in the cool water of the nearby beach with leaning coconut trees reflected on the water surface or record some spectacular scenery as a romantic picturesque romantic which the nature has favored, awarded to the Phu Yen people gentle and rustic.

Source: Phuyentourism-iHay
Translated by Trần Đình Dũng

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