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Tay Hoa district promotes new rural construction

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Building concrete rural road in Hoa Dong commune - Photo: T.DAT

 Established and put into operation on July 1, 2005 under Decree 62 of the Government, Tay Hoa district has 10 communes and one townlet, including 4 mountain communes. After the implementation of the national target program on building new rural areas till now, from an area having many socio- economic difficulties, high poverty rate, the rural areas of the district have changed strongly; material and spirit life of the people has been improved significantly.


 To build new rural areas practically, authorities from district to communes and townlet have had resolutions, programs, plans and specific implementation roadmaps combined with periodic inspection and monitoring, and summarization as regulated. The propaganda has been launched with many diverse forms effective, and suitable with local practice. Thereby, the perception of the political system and the people of all strata on the purpose and significance of the new rural construction have positive changes. The dependence on the support of the State is diminishing, organizations and people join hands to contribute to implementation of the program. In addition, staffs working in the new rural construction have been trained and retrained to improve their skills and localities of all levels have mobilized resources for this cause.

 Thus, socio-economic infrastructure of the district has been increasingly completed; the production structure has marked improvement, attracting development investments from businesses in the locality. The rural areas of the district are increasingly innovated, intellectual standard of the people is improving, ecological environment is protected, the grassroots political system is more powerful, social security is guaranteed, and defense - security has held stability. The effect of management and use of the social welfare projects in the community is raised. Along with the promoted ownership role, material and spirit life of the people is improved; village relationships are linked, creating a firm basis for successful implementation of tasks of the locality.

It can be asserted that from 2010 until now, the new rural construction has become vibrant and widespread mass movement in Tay Hoa district, in which the highlight is the movement of concreting rural roads pursuant to Resolution No. 75 of the Provincial People Council. By Sept. 2015, the People in communes and town in the district have voluntarily donated land of 15,417m2 to concrete 302.8 km of rural roads which has been highly appreciated by the province and the central; solidification of over 37km of canals in interior fields. Cooperative economy continues to be strengthened and innovated; their operation is efficiency, taking part in boosting the development of agriculture and rural areas. In the district there appeared and multiplied efficient production models as freshwater fish farming in Hoa Tan Tay commune with interested rate of 80 million VND/ year, and the cattle growing also in this commune with interest of 30 million VND/ year… production value on a farming unit has been raised, in 2015 the average value of horticultural products reached 66 million VND/ ha, an increase of 1.47 times compared to 2010. Estimated to the end of 2015, income per capita of the district will be at 26.84 million VND per person, maintaining national standards of education and literacy for the district, training labor rate is increased from 25% in 2010 to 40% in 2015, increasing the rate of working time using in rural areas to 87%, the poverty rate fell to 2.8% ...

 As for the criteria of new rural construction, to early Sept. 2015, averagely get 13.2 criteria / commune. Striving to the end of this year, averagely get over 16 criteria / commune; of which a number of criteria are get over the average level of the whole province as criterion 5 (school), 8 (post), 10 (income), 11 (poor households), 12 ( regularly employed labor), 13 (form of organization of production). The DPC has had a meeting with the Steering Committee of new rural construction to review vote and propose the PPC recognize three communes of Hoa Binh 1, Hoa Tan Tay and Hoa Phong achieving new rural standard. 


Member of Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of Tay Hoa

Translated by Trần Đình Dũng

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