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Administrative organization reform in Phu Yen: There is no more overlapping of functions and tasks

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The administrative procedures after arranging are specifically listed in the “One-step-stop” section.  "one-stop" carder in Son Thanh Tay commune (Tay Hoa district) listing the administrative procedures to help people easily lookup - Photo: P.NHA
Recently, besides promoting institutional reform, administrative reform, public finance reform and building up force of civil servants and officials, Phu Yen has also interested in implementing the state administrative organization reform; thereby, contributing to overcome the overlapping of functions and tasks of each specialized agency.
 One of the contents of the State administrative organization reform deployed and getting many achievements in the province is the work of reviewing the position, functions, duties, tasks, organizational structure and staffing of the Committees and the specialized agencies of province, district. Accordingly, the organizational structure of the professional agencies of the province and the district is organized and operated under the regulations of the State. The PPC has strengthened, arranged the provincial professional agencies from 24 down to 18 agencies; the district-level professional agencies from 14 reduced to 12 agencies. As for three mountainous districts of Dong Xuan, Song Hinh, Son Hoa, they has one more agency for Ethnic Minorities of the DPC. At the same time, the PPC has also issued three decisions on defining the functions, duties, tasks and organizational structure of the specialized agencies under the provincial People's Committee and establishing the Board of citizen reception. In addition, functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of the public service agencies at all levels have complied with the regulations of the central and province, contributing to create favorable conditions for the organization and individual in transaction, and limiting the negative and harassment in administrative procedures.
 According to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tu, Chairman of Tuy Hoa CPC, recently, the city has strengthened State organization structure all levels and professional agencies, reduced the quantity and improved the quality of their activities with the clear responsibility assignation between the collective and head of administrative agency associated with innovative methods and style of work, ensuring the efficient operations of organizational structure of agencies and local units.
Based on the functions and responsibilities of each agency, unit and assigned staff from the Ministry of Interior, the PPC has timely decided the staff allocation to provincial and district authorities, and at the same time, to direct and implement the state management tasks in the fields and activities of each agency, unit. The People’s Committees at all levels have already built the operation regulations and directed to follow the issued regulation contents under the guidance of the Government.
  The work of decentralized management for the departments and DPCs has been interested to perform by the province. Specifically, the agencies and units continue to implement and supervise the implementation of decisions of the PPC on decentralized management under the spirit of Resolution 8 of the Government and the provisions of the current law on the following areas: planning management, investment and development plan, the state budget, land, resources, state enterprises, public service, organizational apparatus, and civil servants. From 2011 until now, the provincial People's Council and People's Committee have issued four additional legal documents on extending the decentralization in the fields of state organization, finance, budget, construction investment to allocate more proactive right for the units and localities. Thereby, creating favorable conditions and reducing travel time for individuals and organizations when participating in resolving the administrative procedures; competent authorities easily supervise the basis, timely grasp the difficulties and obstacles in the process of settling the work of each level in order that they have ways to guide and help the basis overcome and enhance administrative reform, especially solving administrative procedures being decentralized.
 According to Mr. Pham Dinh Cu, Chairman, every year, according to the decentralization function of state management, the provincial professional agencies build and implement the checking plans with agencies, localities on the State management activities within the scope of their activity. The DPCs have pushed up the decentralization, planning, and rearrangement of personnel and civil servants under the title, assigned tasks, concentrating in improving working practices and training, improving their skills. Also, the DCPs have organized the business dialogue; frequently receive citizens and organizations working with the People's Committees of communes, wards and towns in order to grasp the situation, timely discovering the problems and obstacles to find the solving solution. In addition, the administrative organization reform needs to reform and widely deploy about mechanism of self-control and self-responsibility of the public service units. Thereby, to date, 1/7 units under PPC, 11/127 units under provincial departments ensure their operating funds; 6/7 units under PPC, 116/127 units under provincial departments and units and 27/27 units under DPCs partially self-assure their operating funds.
 Mr. Hoang Tan Phuong, Hoa Quang Nam people (Phu Hoa district), said: "The decentralization to solve citizen's works in the last time in the province has made people very happy. We are guided specifically depending on the demand for procedures, our works are sorted out immediately without troublesome as before ".
  Generally, functions and duties of each specialized agency of the PPC, DPC after being arranged according to Decrees 13, 14 of the Government on the regulations of organizations of the specialized agencies under People's Committees of provinces and cities under central and regulations of organization of the specialized agencies under People's Committees of districts, towns and cities of the province were not overlapping as before. Thus, the operation is more efficient, timely advising on the areas of state management that helps the PPC, the DPCs promptly implement the guidelines and policies of the central and provincial - Chairman Pham Dinh Cu.

Source: Baophuyen-PHONG NHÃ
Translated by Trần Đình Dũng

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