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10 products recognized as the typical rural industrial products of the province in 2015

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On September 25, 2015, Phu Yen Province People's Committee issued Decision No. 1830 / QD-UBND on granting certificates for 10 products selected as the typical rural industrial products of provincial level in 2015 and rewarded the rural production bases having certificated products.
According to the decision, products recognized as the typical rural industrial products and certificated during the vote in 2015, consists of: Spiced Tuna fast food of PTE Trang Thuy (An Phu IP, Tuy Hoa city); Impresso Coffee of Huy Tung Coffee Company (An Phu IP, Tuy Hoa city); Weasel flavoring Coffee of Huong Huong Phu Trading & Service Co., Ltd (Binh Kien Commune, Tuy Hoa city); Xuan Phu's Fish Sauce of Xuan Phu Co., Ltd. (Ward Xuan Dai, Song Cau town); One sunlight dried beef of the PTE Ha Trung (Cung Son townlet, Son Hoa district); One Sunlight dried beef of household business of Nguyen Thi Dau (Cung Son townlet, Son Hoa district); Wood mosaics "Phu Yen homeland" of Vinh Hung Phat investment Ltd. Co. (Hoa Binh 1 Commune, Tay Hoa district); NPK 20-10-10 + 3S + TE (N-max) of Hoang Long Vina Manufacturing & Trading Limited Co. (Hoa Hiep IP 1, Dong Hoa district); T.A.C. super Eco-Compost fertilizer of Thien An JSC (Hoa Vinh townlet, Dong Hoa district); Phi Hung NPK 20-20-15 + TE of  Phi Hung Manufacturing & Trading Ltd. Co. (Hoa Vinh townlet, Dong Hoa district).
Of these, 06 products selected by Provincial selected Council and approved by the PPC to register for the vote of the central region - Highlands, including: Impresso Coffee, Spiced Tuna fast food, Wood mosaics "Phu Yen homeland", NPK 20-10-10 + 3S + TE (N-max), T.A.C. super Eco-Compost fertilizer, One sunlight dried beef.
* Pictures of 10 products won the provincial level award:

          23-10a.jpg                               23-10b.jpg

             Impresso Coffee                                             Weasel flavoring Coffee


                23-10c.jpg                     23-10d.jpg

                  One sunlight dried beef                           One sunlight dried beef

        23-10e.jpg                         23-10f.jpg

                       Spiced Tuna fast food                                             Xuan Phu fish sauce

        23-10g.jpg                         23-10h.jpg            Wood mosaics "Phu Yen homeland"                       NPK 20-10-10+3S+TE  fertilizer


                   23-10i.jpg                                23-10j.jpg

             T.A.C. super Eco-Compost fertilizer           “Phi Hung”NP20-20-15+TE fertilizer

Source: Socongthuong.phuyen - Văn Quý
Translated by Trần Đình Dũng

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